Petrolects Pump-Off Controller (PPOC)

PPOC Diagram

Petrolects POC is an effective, cost competitive, real-time wireless flow condition monitoring system allowing flowrate detection and control of rod pumps in oil wells, specifically marginal oil wells.

Through its field application, the PPOC can greatly reduce electrical usage, minimize wear and tear on downhole pump, and increase production.

The installation consists of installing PPOC Check Valve Unit and the Eletrical Control Unit as shown above.

  • NEMA 4X Enclosure with LCD Viewing Window
  • Weather Tight & Durable
  • Custom software
  • LCD Readout to show system status & monitor realtime flowrate data
  • Wireless Communication at 434 MHz
  • Forged Steel Valve Housing
  • Solar Powered w/ backup battery

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US Patent #7634328