Oil & Gas Consulting

Petrolects, LLC has completed numerous oil and gas projects for domestic as well as international companies. Some initial projects included applications of filtration in sand control (downhole premium screens) and cleaning of oilfield water (ultra-filtration). Other projects included design of different core holders to investigate effects of heat and mass flow in porous media. Most recently, we have been providing well test analysis and interpretation.

Petrolects projects include:

  • Oil Recovery from Diatomite Resource

  • Oil Recovery from Tar Sand

  • Well Test Analysis & Interpretation
    • Injection Data
    • Fall-Off Data
    • Drawdown Data
    • Real Time and Non-Real Time

  • Organic Chemical Systems for Recovery of Heavy and Light oils

  • Chemical systems for removal of petroleum material from oilfield particles.

  • Reseve Estimation and Recovery Strategies of a Heavy Non-Conventional Reservoir

  • Pilot study of lake water filtration sytem

  • EOR recommendations for LAK Ranch Reservoir

  • Vortex shedding around bare towers

  • Reservoir visualization using PC platform

  • Design of filtration systems for stored diesel oil

  • Sand control using downhole screens

  • Completion methods for near surface horizontal wells

  • Gravel packing of near surface horizontal wells

  • Post steam flood performance of gravel packs containing HEC polymers

  • Apparatus design for gravity drainage studies in layered systems

  • Design of a see-through core holder for critical gas saturation experiments

  • Core holder design for study of Austin Chalk Fractured Reservoir

  • Design of a partially see-through core holder for gas and gas condensate systems

  • Design of a see-through sand pack

  • Design of the coreflooding system for wettability alternation of gas/condensate fluids